A Guide to Ideal Image Sizes for Revolution Slider Plugin

Revolution slider is one of the most successful plugin developed by Themepunch. Many premium wordpress themes currently available on market uses possibilities of this plugin. To make it easier for configuring, most wordpress themes are bundled with a slider revolution demo file. With the help of this file, you can import the theme’s demo slider data to your plugin’s dashboard.

But for new users, configuring a revolution slider from scratch is sometimes a tedious task. Especially the misconception about the size and dimensions of the images to be used for the slider.

In this article, I will show you how to properly set the grid sizes in revolution slider.

The size of the revolution slider depends on how you plan to use the slider and the container in which it is placed.
According to w3schools, 99% of their current visitors have a screen resolution of 1024×768 pixels or higher.

For a full width slider, the width depends upon the screen. By screen, I mean the device in which the users are viewing your website. For a mobile responsive view the width is probably anything around 320px where as on a large monitors it should probably be around 1320px.

Since revolution slider itself is responsive, we don’t actually care about width of the slider in mobile screens because revolution slider does it’s best to fit it in different window size.

You can choose any width but I recommend widths above 1200px for better viewing experience. Some of the most commonly used widths are:

1920px  / 1600px  / 1400px  / 1366px  / 1280px  / 1024px

On the other hand if you are using a container slider, It is fine to use the maximum width that can be attained by the container. i.e, If maximum width that can be attained by your themes container is 960px, You don’t really have to use 961px or higher as a width because revolution slider will does it’s best to fit inside the container in which it is staying.

The height of the slider depends upon your theme and interest. So you can play around with them as per your wish.

For complete customization of your wordpress revolution slider including design, animation and settings, please use my service here on fiverr.com.


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