10 Fantastic Examples of Layer Slider WordPress Plugin

In my previous post, I talked about 10 Best Examples of Revolution Slider for designers. Now lets move onto the next popular slider plugin on WordPress, the Layer Slider.

With each passing day, wordpress designers are striving hard to make their website visually attractive. Thanks to wordpress plugin repository and its vast community of developers who made some gems in the market. One such brilliant work is Layer Slider plugin.

Just like revolution slider plugin, layer slider is also used extensively for creating attractive slides. Layer Slider is considered as one of the most prominent slider plugin featuring Responsiveness along with most modern 3D Transitions and Parallax Effect.

Some of the handpicked features that makes layer slider different from others are :

  1. Supports both 2D and 3D slider transitions.
  2. Different modes of display.
  3. Different types of navigation styles.
  4. Supports all browsers.
  5. Powerful API.
  6. Provision for multiple sliders in one page.
  7. SEO friendly.

Once you get used to this plugin, you will be surprised by the wide range of functionality it offers with a user friendly interface. You can make use of Layer Slider to create breathtaking slideshows or content slider for your website!

Following are the list of 10 great Examples of Layer slider plugin, which is used in some of the leading wordpress themes. You can check this out and get inspired for creating eye catching slider presentations.

1. Kreatura Media – LayerSlider Responsive Demo

wp layer slider examples

The best example for layer slider you could find on web is – no doubt its demo content itself. It uses almost all of the plugin’s capabilities and transitions that you could inspire from.

2. Carry Hill School – Responsive WordPress Theme

examples of layer slider plugin

Carry Hill School – Responsive WordPress theme is perfect for educational or tutorial websites. This theme uses virtually almost all available transition effects of Layer Slider including Parallax Effect and is a very good demonstration to learn from.

3. Thunder – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

layer slider inspiration

Thunder – Responsive Multi-Purpose theme is apt for Portfolio websites. It uses full width slider to showcase the contents all in one go. This theme is a perfect example of Layer slider plugin’s ability to display organized contents.

4. Kids Zone – Responsive Children Theme

layerslider examples

Kids Zone – Responsive Children Theme is enriched with a premium layer slider. They have used both Parallax and Full-Screen slideshows for demonstration. This theme stands apart as an example of Layer slider’s ability to support text & transparent image layers.

5. Progress – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

layer slider examples

Progress theme is a modern, powerful & multi-purpose responsive portfolio theme. Here, the slider section utilizes a combination of both video and layered transition effects. Another great example you could learn from.

6. Pulchellus – Responsive 4 Seasons Theme

layer slider best examples

Pulchellus – Responsive 4 Seasons theme is a clean and modern design meant for business websites. They use sliders with many layers and sub layers along with the option of appending images to links. A creative example for layer slider that you could inspire from.

7. Enfold – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

best layer slider examples

Enfold – Responsive Multi-Purpose theme is super flexible when it comes to back-end functionality. They have used a clean and professional slider transition inside the theme. The layer slider is smooth feeling and is another great example to learn from.

8. Solution for Startups – MultiPurpose WP Theme

layerslider wordpress examples

Solution for Startups theme is meant for new companies to showcase their services. Slideshows of this theme are smooth, stylish and impressive. It uses almost all the advantages and capabilities of the plugin.

9. Emerald – Modern and Elegant theme for Corporate

wordpress layer slider eg

Emerald theme is a popular modern and elegant wordpress theme built for corporate websites. Watch out this theme to know more on transition speeds of Layer Slider. A must see example for all newbies who steps into layer slider.

10. Mi4 – Copy That Sells

best examples of layer slider

Mi4 is a website which utilizes a full width layer slider for catching viewers attention. It uses fast transitions between layers and is one of the best demo to inspire from.

For complete customization of your wordpress layer slider including design, animation and settings, please use my service here on fiverr.com.

Do you have a favorite layer slider website or theme? Tell us in the comments below.

We hope to hear your suggestions and feedback.

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